• Tire quality rating. Top tire manufacturers in the ranking of quality summer tires

    What tricks do manufacturers of goods go to to attract the attention of buyers. Tire manufacturers are no exception in this sense, reading the press releases of which it may seem that only their tires are considered the best in the new season. The rating of popular summer tires compiled will help you understand the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of these products. For further info, click here: michelin defender t+h review


    There are a number of characteristics to consider when buying tires. The best summer tires can have some pros and cons: better or worse road holding, soft, good grip, but wear quickly. Before choosing, it is important to realize what is preferable for you - fuel economy, long mileage or confident handling. So let's get started.


    Standard size . This parameter refers to the ratio of width, height and outer diameter. The best tires are those that fit exactly the size of the rim, and can vary in height and width.


    Composition . The wear resistance of tires, vehicle handling and fuel economy depend on this parameter. It is impossible to provide all these parameters in one product. The composition of rubber, as a rule, contains rubber, soot, oils, silicates and other components that improve the adhesion of tires to asphalt and increase the coefficient of friction. Rubber for summer is better harder, since this is due to the temperature regime and the characteristics of the ride.

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    Protector . The quality characteristics of tires depend on the depth and width of the cavities between the profile bulges and on the direction of the pattern, which is of three types. The most common is symmetrical omnidirectional. It is suitable for driving on the highway and in urban environments. Symmetrical directional should be chosen for those who like speed and driving in wet weather. The asymmetrical pattern is suitable for dry or wet weather. It is considered versatile and suitable for both SUVs, sedans and sports cars.


    Marking . Each tire is marked with information that tells about its performance properties. The documents for the car indicate in detail which markings are recommended for installation.


    Speed ​​index . The characteristic is indicated in Latin letters indicating the maximum speed. For example, M - 130 km / h, N - 140 km / h, etc. Tires with an increased speed index, included in the rating of the best summer tires, adhere well to the road, shortening the braking distance.


    Load index . The parameter indicates the load that the best tires can withstand at maximum speed. It is expressed in numbers: 70 - 335 kg, 80 - 387 kg, etc. If you need to frequently transport loads, then it is better to choose tires with a high load index.


    Frame construction . Good summer tires are divided into radial and bias tires according to their design features. The first ones are suitable for cars of any class. The second ones are not found on sale today.